This is the going way back show with Money B, and I got my man, Numskull, from the Luniz on the line. What’s up Nummie?

A:What’s up man?

Q:What’s going on with cha brother?

A:Man, locked up, man.

Q:Where are you?

A:Santa Rita Jail House.

Q:Santa Rita Jail House. Now, explain, you know, from your side of it exactly what the situation is and what’s going on with you.

A:I’m in jail for a female I used to live with. Basically, she lied to the police and told them some things. So I’m in here man fighting for my freedom right now, that’s all basically. I can’t go deep into it, but I’m going to beat it.

Q:Ok, so we will definitely see you on the other side pretty soon.


Q:Ok, this is the “Going Way Back Show,” classic hip hop, and of course, you definitely have a “Classic”, Five on it with your man Yuckmouth. Tell me how you guys got together, and how you guys came up with that song, Five On It.

A:We got together in junior high school. I had a group called, “ Brotha’s With potential. During some talent shows and things like that. This brother came to the school busted a rap for me and the song five on it came about when we was at an apt on 62nd and Bancroft, and we was broke, and all I said I have $5 on the weed sack, and that’s how it came about. Took it from there.

Q:And the rest is history.

A:That’s it.

Q:Now what are some of your influences coming up. What rappers were you listening to coming up and who influenced you.

A:Well we came out it was really all east coast until short, so, Eric B, and Rakim, I like EPMD, of course, The Teacher, but basically, it was all new York rappers, so until Too Short.

Q:Up until Short, right?

A:Uh, um.

Q:Ok, give me 3 of your favorite hip hop songs.

A:I Ain’t Joke is one of my favorite raps, I got five on it, fa sho, and, I say, Freaks Of The Industry!

Q:Ok, I was about to say, I was waiting for that Digital Underground song-

A: Laughing—

Q:Alright, we have a segment on the show classic battle, where we play, you know, some of the classic battles in hip hop. Give me your favorite battle.

A:Probably Mc Shan and KRS One?



Q:I was kinda liking on that DJ Quik when he got on—

A:MC Eiht


A:That’s hard too. Fuck it, you know what man, my favorite is Luniz and Too Short-

Q:Luniz and Too Short-


Q:Ok, a lot of people don’t know about that. Tell us what that beef was about how it started, and where you guys are now with it.

A:It was some beef some cats we were signed to, that brought us out, him and those folks, Too Short didn’t want to give the Luniz a chance, so he got mad, we got mad, summer jam went down everybody pumping the summer jam, tore that up, it wasn’t even a fight between—


A:Everybody think that we got ——we didn’t get—–

Q:What’s your relationship with Short now?

A:We cool, we cool, cool as hell now.

Q:So Man you locked up, do a lot of motherfucker’s be getting at you like, hey man, put me on! Like—

A:Yeah, nigga’s be busting so many raps here it’s ridiculous.

Q:So how many battles have you had?

A:I ain’t did not battles in here but everything in here wanna be a rapper though.

Q:Especially when they see you, right.

A:Yeah, fa sho.

Q:So what’s the craziest shit that someone has said to you since you’ve been in there?

A:You remember the jail house rap that I wrote a long time ago, right?

Q:Which one–

A:You know the one, Nigga’s lie just to kick it.


A:You know it’s a lot of that in here, and the raps. Gold Ak’s and everything. Oh nigga said that he was rolling 26’s in 2000. Laughing..

Q:Laughing—26’s in 2000


Q:Alright. Ain’t no try to take your cornbread, had they?

A:Naw, hell naw—laughing, naw man.

Q:You know you can’t give them the cornbread.

A:Naw man. They love me in here man.

Q:So you’re the man in Santa Rita

A:Fa sho.

Q:I can dig it. Anything else you wanna let the world know how they can reach out to you or—

A:Yeah, man, right now y’all can get my stuff downloaded on iTunes right now. In groove iTunes you can get all my new stuff, all my old stuff, all the Luniz old stuff. That’s what it is right now.

Q:Any Myspace page or website—

A:Myspace forward slash, sirdrinkalot

Q:There you have it, with Num


Q:Thanks for coming on the show, .and I hope to see you soon.

A:For Sho.

Q: It’s the “Going Way Back Show” with Money B.

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