Between 1997 and 2005, Missy Elliott put out six studio albums, never pausing for more than two years between LPs. She wrote her own songs and made amazing videos. Then suddenly the music stopped. She guested on a couple of tracks by Ciara and others but did not release any more albums. Missy has been quietly battling Graves disease.

Missy tells People magazine that she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease after a scary near accident in a car:

My leg was jumping,” she said. “I couldn’t keep the brake down and almost crashed.

Missy says one of her symptoms was spasms and she couldn’t even hold a pen to write. After receiving radiation and taking medication with unpleasant side effects like weight gain, Elliott’s condition has stabilized and she’s even shed the 30 extra pounds she picked up from her treatment. She has told fans on Twitter a new single is coming soon, and reminded them she hasn’t been totally inactive the past few years: “I’m always making music:) yall gotta start peeping the credits on these cds:).” She promises she’s not rusty, telling People, “My ear ain’t gone bad yet!”

I was wondering where Missy Elliot has been. I’m happy to hear that she is recovering and will be putting some music out again. Celebrities and everyone else goes through things. Anyone can be affected by bad health..

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