A-Plus & Compound Seven – “Pepper Spray E.P.”
As I’m cruisin’ down Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on a nice southern Cali day, I popped in the new Pepper Spray EP by the Yay’s own, A-Plus of Souls of Mischief/Hieroglyphics. I must say it fit nicely with the scenery. A-Plus and his production team, Compound 7 put together a unique hip hop tribute to one of the hottest alternative rock bands in the business, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The 7-song collective includes reworked versions of Red Hot Chili Pepper classics such as “Can’t Stop”, “My Friends”, “By The Way”, “Californication”, “Give It Away” and “Road Trippin’”.  Compound 7 really brought out the tracks by fattening up the beats and lacing it with Cali funk grooves. A-Plus proves that he still got that spit and complimented the production with his lyrics hittin’ the pockets and keepin’ the tracks moving with that original “Hieroglyphic” flow.  Sprinkled samples of Red Hot Chili Pepper vocals and instrumentals added the spice that only Red Hot can bring. Their guitar rifts make for a nice blend with C7’s hip hop beats on “Can’t Stop” and “Californication”. My least favorite on the project was “Road Trippin” I thought it was just aiight…a little to ehh but “Give It Away”  the mixture of funk, rock and hip hop made up for that.  The Pepper Spray EP doesn’t quite get an “A+” but it definitely passes with a solid “B”.


Felicia “The Poetess” Morris
Poetess Media

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