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On August 30, 2012, Chris Lighty was found dead at his Riverdale, NY home that he shared with his soon to be ex-wife Veronica.  The police ruled the untimely death suicide by self-inflicted gun wound.  Those who knew Lighty best wasn’t happy with the Medical Examiners reports thus initiating a private investigation by Attorney Scott Leemon who was hired by 50 Cent.

In an update of their findings, Leemon states a lot of questions are still unanswered.  The coroners didn’t examine Lighty clothes for gun residue nor his hands.  Also, according to the investigation, the gun recovered at the scene was part of a multi-gun purchase in North Carolina.

“The main problem that we encountered was that the NYPD did not do a thorough investigation into Chris’ death,” he said in a statement. “In fact, what they did do was cursory, at best.”

Leemon along with Lighty’s mother Jessica Brooks, is requesting that the Bronx County District Attorney’s office take this new information into consideration and begin a formal investigation. They have also put together an online petition for supporters who are seeking closure in Lighty’s tragic death.

If you would like to support go to ipetitions.com.


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