The Goin Way Back Show With Money B (Sir Mix -A-Lot)







1.   Intro- Break 1 (Money B)

2.   Shut Em’ Down (Public Enemy)

3.   I Got It Made (Special Ed)

4.   Fed X (E-40)

5.   Fresh Is The Word (Mantronix)

6.   Break 2 (Money B)

7.   Old School New News (Ton Teezy)

8.   Drop Top (E Dawg feat. Filthy Rich) )

9.   Posse’s On Broadway (Sir Mix A Lot)

10. Break 3 (Money B

11. I Need A Freak (Sexual Harassment)

12. Sir Mix A Lot Interview pt.1

13. Square Dance Rap (Sir Mix A Lot)

14. Sir Mix A Lot Interview pt.2

13. Money Makes The World Go Round (Scarface feat. Daz, Devin, K.B.)

14. Human Beat Box (Fat Boys)

15.   Thank You (Busta Rhymes ft. Q-Tip, Lil Wayne, Kanye West

16 . Outro Break (Money B)

17. Just Hangin’ Out (Main Source)

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