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Fat Joe’s Tax Problems

Fat Joe’s Tax Problems

Fat Joe spoke to MTV’s “RapFix Live” about his tax woes.  The veteran rapper is facing jail time on charges that he failed to pay taxes on approximately $3 million in income in 2007 and 2008.

The rapper goes on to say:

I can’t really explain that ’cause I got a real court case going on, like facing jail time. But I guess after June 24. Hopefully, it goes well,” Joe said on Wednesday (May 22) on “RapFix Live.

The Terror Squad leader also alluded that his financial advisers put him in this dilemma.  But he says,  “At the end of the day, I’m paying all the money back that’s owed — actually I have and I’ma just go like a man, stand up,”

I swear Uncle Sam is the modern day bully.

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Biggie Smalls Daughter Launch Clothing Line

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According to TMZ, Biggie Smalls daughter Tyanna Smalls, 19 year old has released her clothing line called “Notoriouss” — a line of shirts and other fashion items.

Check it out here.


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Heavy D’s Estate

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Floyd Myers, Heavy D’s brother and business manager attempted to obtain control of Heavy’s asset from a 1999 will.  In this will, signed by Heavy, it states that Myers is the admin over Heavy’s estate which leaves the rapper’s 13-year old daughter, Xea without gaining anything.

Reports state:

Floyd Myers wants the court to honor specifies that all of Heavy’s assets should go to Floyd (keep in mind, Heavy apparently signed off on that will BEFORE his daughter was born). The rapper only had $320,000 in listed assets (but there could be more money in future royalties and other bank accounts that haven’t been discovered yet).

Heavy’s mother Eulahlee Myers went on record to say, “The Myers family is a close-knit family and always will be. Just the way Heavy liked it”.  Eulahee explains, the petition filed in court was formality to sell a condo both Heavy and Floyd own.  A California law requires that this action be taken by a probate when a property owner passes.  According to Eulahee, the estate will go to Xea.  Currently, Heavy’s property is in storage.  Once Xea is old enough, his property will go to her.

Heavy D passed away in November of 2011 at the age of 44.

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UPDATE: Warrant out for Tim Dog

UPDATE:  Warrant out for Tim Dog

As reported perviously, Tim Dog faked his death.  Now there’s a warrant out for Timothy Blair aka Tim Dog which has been issued in Mississippi.

At the time of his death, Tim Dog was convicted of swindling a number of women out of money on an online dating site that was close to $2 million.   After he was convicted of the crime and had to pay restitution, but he faked his death instead.  The cause of death was complications from diabetes.


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